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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

brain drain issue

Now we can see our government concern about issue brain drain. It comes with effort step introduces the new economic model. The approach goes in certain direction to attracts more professional and talent workers which work oversea to come back to Malaysia. These incentives will lure our professional and talent workers return and contribute to our country development.
But it was a problem about attract talent workers to come back to Malaysia but how about our fresh graduate which intent to serve in another country? The brain drain issue first must to solve if our government really want to uses the workforce contribution. When our fresh graduation no longer interested to migrate to another country indirectly government automatically prevent the brain drain issue happen. And in long term government no need to plain strategy to attract our professional come back to Malaysia certainly need costing huge.
When we want to solve the brain drain issue we must to know first cause it occurs. Reason we always heard are lack of opportunities offer by our country. It is true when we think about Zulkifli Haront the inventor in Malaysia. Until now he not become billionaire like another inventor in another country. Why this happen? And this is one example lack of opportunity we have in our country.
It was different situation with Pua Khein Seng inventor of pendrive. He also is Malaysia born but get the education at Chiao Tung University, Taiwan and become occupation at Taiwan and already has big company. Although success in Taiwan, he never forget homeland. He was planning to open branch at Malaysia to give opportunity and contribute to these country development. But Taiwan already gain billion with paten which made from our citizen.

Technology we have does not support our professional advance forward. These people must to migrate if want to develop their self if don’t want become like Zulkifli case. zulkifli just one example but the new step should be taken if we don’t want waste our people skill again. In our country also, we don’t have provision from government and corporate sector which willing to invest in the research and development made by these people.
Many talent workers work in Malaysia says that is something wrong with system used in Malaysia. Maybe it was a reason why many professional intent to migrate exit the country. Policy implementation not relevant to white color workers should be change to open the new perception to workplace in professional area. Pay structure must be matched with market survey in another country. More benefit can influent more talent workers come back. High status quo also can give to good contributor to our country. System must be revamp to avoid complain.
We can see others country already taken action. Australian and UK giving international student immediate access to work permit upon fresh graduation. US give permanent residency to all foreign doctoral graduation. All of these efforts to open the way to absorb fresh graduate to be talent workers to their county. Why not we take action not to absorb the foreign but just retain our student to work in our country.
However we can’t ignore the external factor also able to give effect in the brain drain or human capital flight. The current political situation looks unstable with disunity and current issues of politics can affect the reputation of the country. Talent workers which work in oversea look at this situation as a treat engender they are not interested to return back.
Western newspapers also tend to give a bad perception about issues that occurred in Malaysia. Like story about scandal sex ex-deputy prime minister to be enlarged and not carried out fairly. That can influence the thinking of student study oversea to continue the life after study at oversea and build their life there.
Quota system is also said to be cause of the drain brain problem. Chinese and Indian usually said the governments not fair when just pay more attention to the Malay race. But in reality it not likes that. Go and find if government in other country treat the minority more batter like Malaysia doing. We know the Malay in Singapore suppressed in the land. People consent to migrate to Malaysia because there is a change to succeed. And we also know ranking of the richest people in Malaysia hold by Chinese. So this statement is not true.
When we read the blog in internet, we also can find Chinese and Indian blaming the government for the privilege give to Malay and it was totally wrong. Prime minister already lunch 1Malaysia when it approaches is no difference between us and unites. So there is no excuse to blame Malay for their privilege and should not state this caused the issue of brain drain occurs. For Malay, privilege was just stay at the name but reality Malay also must to compete with Chinese and Indian to archive successful.
We as a 1Malaysia must have strong belonging spirit to develop this country. Racist must avoid from all races so we can lives more synthesis and agglutination. When we united most probably our talent workers will come back to join us develop this country.

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